Turning Special
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Intro and plan

The memories have been selected from a range.
  • Reading the thing at the garden
  • Dominique and the train tracks
  • Chance meeting in Walmart
  • Surprise award visit
  • Not getting a present
  • Leaving on a plane

This also takes into account my opinions about memories.
  • Theophostic Prayer is one viewpoint on dealing with negative memories.
  • I also think memories link up to related memories and that should be accounted for in the way they are presented.
  • Some claim we don't remember events, but our perception of the event.
  • Feelings are part of memories.


April 11: Adding the sliding door and that should be good amount of detail for the one memory.

I've had a lot of trouble with ProBuilder. The Tutorials are very nice, but I have not been successful with modeling.

April 10: Window and wallpaper

April 9: Fixed the chandelier and worked on the table

It doesn't have the full atmosphere I intended. The room is looking gloomy where I want it to be homey. I'm changing the color and adding windows. It looks so cool right now with all of my little blender objects.

At least there's a nice contrast between the grayness of the house and the extreme colors of the cliff. This could really use a nice wallpaper pattern.

April 8: Just made a chandelier

It fits in the house.

April 7: This blooper was too good to keep secret

I blended a li'l face for my li'l Mary Sue...
...and attached it to the body backwards. Also, massive.
I might just abandon my original idea and focus on this instead. This is wonderful. It's not a memory now, but it's about to be in every nightmare. We can all share.
But with some responsible editing, I got something cheering.

April 6: remodeling memory 2

April 4-5: Still going

April 1-3: ProBuilder is working! I have something to show. Yay.

I've finally got some scenes. They are so cute. And hopefully also horrifying where necessary.

Mar 3: learned about ProBuilder and tried to use it. Oops.

hmmmmmm. Well, I knew this could become difficult for no reason. Updated Unity.

Mar 30: primitives of the shortlisted scenes. Tutorial watch.

Looking forward to what Mr. Wright does with this collection of international memories. Because, it could be something negative to deal with, something good to get to or something else entirely, I'm aiming for a mostly positive, a mostly negative and a middling memory.
I also wanted one memory from early childhood, one from adolescence and one from young adulthood.
I ended up with two mainly good memories and one completely awful one. You'll see. It's heartbreaking.

Mar 29: finding out about the contest

I made a list of memories to use for the story.
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Good Update Rachael :)
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Thanks. That's very nice of you.
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J. Hernandez I looking forward to see your memory finish.... Keep going...
Thanks. That is very encouraging
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Interesting concept. Good update :) I will be checking this.
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I looking forward to see your memory finish.... Keep going...