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Memories of my life representing key turning points that shaped my life as a creator.


3 Memories

1. Childhood

We used to have an indoor pool when I was a kid but was soon torn down due too heating expenses. It was short-lived but amazing. Besides water, my childhood was filled with boxes and boxes of hand-me-down legos from my older brothers. I used to build medieval cities and spaceships over and over again.

2. 7th Grade

I remember I used to to stay in all day video editing anime music videos (AMVs) on the Sony Vegas video editor. Even on the sunniest of days I would edit from morning till night. This period of time didn't last long in my life. Soon after I starts doing what was "normal". I started playing sports, working out, and talking to girls. Unfortunately, giving up my passion for building and creating.
I used to have these leaf carpets in my childhood room that I just loved because they were giant leaf carpets my mom just one day plopped in my room. Who had that?
Hanged hats in my old room since my mom used to be strict about putting posters up on the wall.
My backyard was a forest. The close yard foreshadows the transition that was soon to come of growing into playing with sports, being outside more with friends and high school..

3. Grad School

Took about 10 years but I finally reignited my passion for building in my last semester of grad school. It was achieved through VR design. I feel started to feel like that same kid building legos in the old swimming pool

Learned how to do the rubiks cube during the Thanksgiving break of 2nd yr in grad school. It was while I was learning 3D modeling and rendering models" It was big accomplishment in my life. It something I always wanted to solve since I was kid. After putting it off for so many years it amazed me that it just took a week..
Had the exact same computer chair in 7th grade and in grad school except I had a blue in 7th grade and green in grad school


I used the open source 3D modeling program, Blender to model and animate all the assets. I textured some models using photoshop and the paint tool in Blender. I then retextured everything in Unity.
A similar character is posted elsewhere but was originally made for this challenge.

Character Model

3 Cut Pie Platform

Blender. Photoshop. Unity.

Music in video "Loveable by Bensound"
Sean Smith
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Sean Smith
a year ago
Just graduated
For those that can't access the video on Unity! Here's the YouTube link:
Sean Smith
a year ago
Just graduated
Andrey LapinI liked the idea with pool and pie)
@Andrey Lapin Thanks :)
Andrey Lapin
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I liked the idea with pool and pie)