Turbo Turnip
Published 3 years ago
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2D pixel-art endless runner
Turbo Turnip is the product of a missed guest lecture whilst at university. Myself, an artist, and an audio specialist decided to not go to a guest lecture and instead see what we could create in just 6 hours.
We settled on an endless runner as we felt the core mechanics would be quick to create and iterate on, and we chose a 2D pixel art style as we wanted the game to be cute and quirky. The gameplay revolves around the player sliding under or jumping over obstacles whilst collecting a variety of vegetables in order to build their score. We hope to continue working on this in the background of university projects to add high scores and making the game more intense the longer you play for.
This was a very interesting mini-project to take part in as it allowed all of us to see just how quickly we could create something fun and charming, and we all hope to work on projects in a similar way in the future.
Kyle Shepherd
Programmer - Student
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English, British; English
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