Tuk Tuk The Rush
Published 2 years ago
Windows; Mac; Unity Web Player
Tuk Tuk The Rush
Action racing game
Tuk Tuk The Rush is developed as a school project. The task was to create a game to bring awareness around a subject. We chose to create it around old monuments.

The game play is based on the player trying to save the monuments by escaping a maze with a bomb on a Tuk Tuk. A real life Tuk Tuk was used as controller for the game - this was a specified demand of the project. (More specifications can be seen in the project report) Project report download: Tuk Tuk The Rush
The game can be played in a web based version here:
The link will direct you to the game site made in cooperation with my co designers:
Alexandru Diaconu
Zoltán Cseri
My tasks during the development:
- Scripting game mechanics
- Level design
No copyright infrigement intended. All materials were used for educational purposes and for personal non-commercial use !
Jonas Nikolajsen
ICT-Engineer - Student
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Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; Unity Web Player