True Story
A 2D multi-player action-RPG set on a modern earth-like planet. A devoted fan's satirical love letter to the true RPG classics of the 16bit era, particularly Earthbound, but also Secret of Evermore, Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy and many, many others. It is also inspired by modern games yet most of all, True Story is something completely unique that will have to be played to be believed. I am the sole developer for the time being. All code, art, music, etc., has been created by myself. I originally started working on this project in 2011 before I knew anything about game development and put it on hiatus for a few years, yet I have recently began working on it again. I would like to release for PC/ Mac/ Linux/ and eventually Xbox One/ PS4 as well. A development blog for the project is available here,
Alex Nava
Coding/ Art/ Music/ Design - Programmer