Scene Fusion: True Real-time Collaboration!
Introducing Scene Fusion, a tool for Unity3D™ game developers to edit scenes together, interactively!
Scene Fusion is a groundbreaking real-time collaboration tool for Unity. It enables your team to on level design on the same scene together with instantaneous feedback and interaction. The real-time workflow more than doubles the speed at which your team can produce game levels.
Scene Fusion offers a ton of features out of the box, and can be extended to fit your specific needs!
• Fully real-time collaboration for all scene editing functions in Unity3D
• Synchronizes adding, removing, transforming objects in scene
• Synchronizes adding and removal of components, including custom components, and all serializable properties
• Lock-on-select enables designers to see each other’s work, and serializes access on a per-object basis
• In-editor real-time chat, with special tags for sharing viewpoints and objects
• Editor camera sharing and following
• Support for continuous editing in Play Mode
• Support for VR workflows, enabling mixed VR/desktop scene building
• Distributed teams are supported out-of-the-box
• Supports terrain editing functionality, providing visual indicators and real-time, multi-user sculpting
• Supports ProBuilder3D 2.8
• Supports Playmaker 1.8
• API provided to leverage Scene Fusion for custom tools and workflow
• Supports source control solutions such as PerForce Helix, Unity Collaborate, Git, PlasticSCM, Mercurial
• Support addition of new assets and code using SCM solutions during real-time sessions
You can try it out for free! Learn more at!