Sweet Teeth
This game was created as a coursework of the artist in her degree BA Illustration and Animation. Me and uni colleague of mine worked on the programming part.
The game is in the genre 2D platformer. All of the platforms are created of individual teeth and on a period of time a candy is spawned randomly on them. If the player does not collect the candy, the tooth will move between a few stages of getting bad, until it drops down. As more mistakes the player do, it gets harder to go trough the level.
This game was developed as a prototype which means it has only one level which is the one above. We released two versions – one on android and one on windows.

GameOver.pngIn this project i was doing the main game mechanics and the other programmer was working on the character movement. I did the platforms, create the random candy spawning and the stages of teeth “corruption”. I also did the scene manager.
Georgi Kabadzhov
Programmer - Programmer