Tribes Lost in Translation
A game created for the Global Game Jam 2016. The theme was “rituals”. It was about 4 tribes coming together to find who is the Great One in their generation. They meet up in 2D Top Down battle arena, each tribe having unique set of skills and gimmicks. This resulted in 4 different classes facing each other in multiplayer experience. The game was designed to be played on touch screen device and we tested in on Nexus 9. The team was set of 3 programmers, as i was one of them and 2 artists. Sadly, we didn’t had the knowledge we needed to create the multiplayer for the game which we realized too late. Never the less, up to that point we already managed to create four different classes, attacks and we produced a good framework to build different classes on with object oriented programming. I spent a good amount of time on the game design. We had 4 different classes, each with one attack and one special skill. One of the characters used the SpecSkill as poison, other pushed, one healed,etc. The middle of the platform is a flame which damages if touched, but spawns health and mana orbs in random direction. To add more pressure we made the arena go smaller over time. One of the artists did create sprites to illustrate destruction of the arena but we were short on time. In terms of programming i worked on 2 of the classes, the fire behavior and other more common problems as collisions, triggers, etc.
Georgi Kabadzhov
Programmer - Programmer