Tribal Raft: 100% free endless runner
Published 2 years ago
Available on
Android; iOS
Tribal Raft: A Far Ride is a completely free to play endless runner with some great graphics. The controls are easy to grasp, and the gameplay is fun and light!
COLLECT the Spirits of the river
AVOID obstacles and traps
BE the strongest and GAIN the highest score
In Tribal Raft: At Far Ride, you control... Krøhm! This rustic caveman did not forget his style and tends a little too much to abuse of the Spirits of the river. He loves to pick them up on the longest Tribal River in his region.
Tap left, it will sail to the left, tap right, it will sail right! Pay attention to rocks, trees and other obstacles. The Spirits of the river will not always let Krøhm grabs them. Guardians of the river will sometimes accompany them and will not hesitate to trigger vicious traps.
Enjoy, and "Raft-a-far-ride"

Game Languages
French; English; Spanish; Portuguese; German; Italian
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS