Trials of Azra
Published 2 years ago
Available on
Linux; Mac; Windows
Trials of Azra is a puzzle platformer game where you play as Sam, a kid with necromancy powers. You progress by controlling your fallen enemies and using them to solve puzzles arranged in successive rooms.
The Story
Sam was, in all appearances, just a regular kid who liked to play with his dog and drink chocolate milk at 4:00 PM. But that doomed day, the sky turned red, wind was blowing hard, lightning struck, and Sam was sucked into a mysterious castle. With no more than a cryptic guide, and some newly discovered powers, he has to find his way out of there.
  • 20+ enemies to defeat and control
  • 60+ rooms filled with puzzles
  • Challenging Boss fights
  • Upgrade your basic attack and learn new spells
  • Several areas with diverse environments
  • Local co-op
  • Full compatibility with Xbox Controller
Core Mechanics
The gameplay is mainly about defeating and controlling your enemies, then using them to solve increasingly difficult puzzles. Once you control an enemy, you can switch back and forth between it and Sam. This ends either when the controlled enemy dies, or you start controlling another enemy (you can control just once at a time). Some devices in the game interact with all kinds of enemies, like floor switches. But other situations require to use the right enemy in the right place. Some examples, a big fat dude breaking some walls with it’s giant mace, a ghost that can move through walls, or a stone golem Sam can ride to cross a path filled with deadly spikes. Part of the game is finding out how to use each enemy to solve what’s at hand.
Alejandro Elizalde
Gameplay Developer - Programmer
Game Languages
Spanish; English; Russian; German
Supported Platforms
Linux; Mac; Windows