Tresbeum Reboot
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Inspiration came from a game named ICE, you can find it in google play. It was a simple game and I thought of making similar game with more options. It is a simple RTS grab the node game.
Three factions to choose from: > Square Imperium, has the strongest armor and best weapon poor aiming. > Triangle Guild, has the fastest fleets and can build more ships, but fragile. > Circle federation, has the best shields. Defensively they are the best and they exclusively use energy/beam weapons.
Player can customize the ships' weapons. Three types to choose from: ballistic, beam, or missiles.
Game play is quite simple. You started with a single node/base and expand from there. Ships production is handled automatically. You just decide where to move your fleets. There can only be two fleets deployed at any one time. And traveling takes time. Although ships can fast jump, there's a significant cool down between jumps. This is where player must planned carefully.
Map is generated randomly, and sometimes it will place your starting point in a good position or it will make your life difficult from the start.
The game is simple and hopefully fun also.
Mario Santoso
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