Trello4Unity is a tool I made for my Programming module in my 2nd year of university. We were able to create anything we'd like, and after seeing the way Breath of the Wild tackled in-game bug finding (HERE) I decided to attempt to create a tool to be used in game development.
I started out using some code found on Github which allowed the user to upload cards to a set board and list from within the Unity Editor. I then built on this to add:
- Viewing all boards, lists and cards
- Creating a board, list or card
- Deleting and editing cards
The tool is easily deployable into any Unity project thanks to a simple Scriptable Wizard which allows for a quick and easy set up once the package has been imported.
The user then simply plays the scene and can open/close T4U using a hotkey. I wanted to create a digetic UI for this tool to prevent the user having to continuously exit play mode or leave the Unity window, so as to improve efficiency whilst testing.
The tool works by using Trello's RESTful API, and uses PUT, PULL and GET requests via WWW and UnityWebRequests. The simplicity of Trello's API means T4U can be expanded on very easily to almost the full extent of features found on the Trello site.
I plan on releasing this tool on the Unity Asset Store and continuing development to add GameObject tracking and improved UI elements.
Kyle Shepherd
Programmer - Student