Treasure Hunter: Quixxen's Suit
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Windows; WebGL
An idle/incremental game where you go on quests looking for the pieces of the legendary Quixxen Suit, a magical set of equipment said to make its wearer superhuman. Adventure in different biomes, accomplishing quests, and looking for clues to find each piece of the Suit.

Core Gameplay

You complete encounters to meet the goal of the assigned quest. The encounter is a simple "idle purchase" style, where each encounter purchased increase the cost of the next purchase while providing an more income over time.
Once, a player completes the quest, they prestige, collect the rewards, and move onto the next quest. Rewards include experience for adventurers, and research points, both of which can improve the quest zone.
Adventurers earn experience points for completing quests which are turned into skill points to buy skills. These skills provide bonuses to the adventurer's assigned quest zone.
The research points apply only to the zone that generates them, and are used to improve the zone by increasing payouts or decreasing requirements. Both of these reward mechanics increase the game's idle component.

Development Status

I have the latest game files on, check out the Treasure Hunter: Quixxen's Suit page to try out the game.
Check out my blog, WeirdBeardDev, to see all my musing about game design and development.

Gameplay Status

As this is an alpha build there is not a lot of content in the game.
  • There is some artwork but by no means all of it.
  • The layout will change in future builds.
  • There are on 3 different goals.
  • The Plains research tree has 5 items; while the others have 4.
  • The rewards and costs are very simple formulas and will change in future builds.
  • They currently are set for decent testing.
  • There is no offline progress, yet.
Let me know if you have an suggestions or run into bugs.

Life's an adventure, what's your quest?

Development Log

I have cross-posted some of my devlogs to Unity Connect, and some are on my main blog site.
  • Treasure Hunter: Saving and Loading For the Win! (25 May 2020)
  • Treasure Hunter: Research Ready for Alpha (14 May 2020)
  • Treasure Hunter: A Banner and Research Devlog (7 May 2020)
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Windows; WebGL