Published 3 years ago
In development
Mac; Windows; Xbox One; Windows Phone; Android
Gravity is a harsh mistress!
TRAXION is a gravity-based cave flyer in the tradition of "Thrust" or "Gravitar".
You take the role of a daring starship pilot, embarking on a series of break-neck mission in outer space. Navigate your ship through the caves of dangerous alien planets and find the valuable crystals hidden there. With your ship's tractor beam, you can tow these back to the planet surface. But beware -- alien creatures and enemy patrol ships are out to get you!
As you explore the alien environments and vast cave systems, you will find all kinds of contraptions, such as switches, explosive charges, forcefields and various pieces of alien machinery that you can use to your advantage. All objects in the game world are subject to physics and gravity. Smash your payload against obstacles to send them flying through the air, push over barriers and watch them tumble down corridors, and drop heavy barrels on your enemies to crush them! At the end of each planet, a terrifying boss monster awaits.
Have you got what it takes to salvage all the crystals before your ship runs out of fuel?
Gustaf Stechmann
Software Developer - Programmer
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Supported Platforms
Mac; Windows; Xbox One; Windows Phone; Android