Trash Cans
Published 3 years ago
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Android; iOS
Trash Cans is an amazing, addictive, challenging and a very entertaining game. This beautiful free game can be played using your thumbs and taping over the trash cans at the right time in order to open their lid and collect as much trash as you can. You can spend Trash Coins to buy new trash and faster opening trash can lids.

- Trash Cans game offers:
- 4 beautiful scenes so you can enjoy the gameplay as much as possible!
- More than 10 different Trash objects that you can choose which one should fall over the Trash Cans!
- 6 Trash Cans with different lid opening speeds and design!
- Infinite gifts every six hours including TONS of free Coins, Boosts, etc!
- And a lot of other stuff that you need to discover by yourself!

We wish you the best record!
!!! New Update !!!
Version 1.1:
-Now you have 3 lives each time you play, so it's easier to reach higher score!
-Infinite prizes!
-Free Gold Coins every two minutes!
Gerald Bathorja
Indie Developer - Executive
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Supported Platforms
Android; iOS