TRANTOR - Open World Mobile Game
Published a year ago
In development
Android; iOS
The First Changing Open World for Mobile. Hunt monster, Fly and explore 10 unique places. PVP | COOP
Trantor - is about exploration, adventure, dominance and survival. Explore a vast open world with 10 unique changing sectors base on the interaction of players in a environment and ecosystem.
Ability : Fly, Dive, Ride, Mount and Travel.
Offline Single Campaign: Survive for 3 months in a planet where monsters fight for supremacy.
Online : Fight with Players in PVP or COOP.
Inspired by: The Witcher Wild Hunt and Halo.
Joseph Christopher Pimentel
Entrepreneur/Game Developer - Owner
Game Languages
English; Filipino; German
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS
Entrepreneur/Game Developer
Hi Guys, I'm still new to Unity Development but i would like to create a open world game where players can have adventure and explore freely.