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About This GameTransparent Black is a little adventure role-playing game with multiple endings that can be cleared in half an hour, set in a classroom when it's already after school, in which you play as a hopeless girl.You can choose to skip descriptions on blood and violence while starting a new game round.· Gorge your hatred. Embrace your rage! You can't play as a goat here, but at least there is a knife.· Not a horror game, nor a survival game. It's kind of a puzzle game with very simple puzzles suitable for novices.· It once won the 1st prize in an online event in China. So at least some people thought it's a good game.· It's short. You have enough time to play it through and then ask for refund. Reason for not doing so: I beg you not.P.S. Any reply to questions on sequels is not an official reply. d859598525 Title: Transparent BlackGenre: Adventure, Indie, RPGDeveloper:LR StudioPublisher:LR StudioRelease Date: 11 Nov, 2016 Transparent Black Torrent Download [addons] transparent black plastic. transparent image black background illustrator. transparent black iphone x case. transparent black gemstone. transparent black line. transparent black twitter logo. black transparent vase. transparent black mens shirts. transparent black and white images. transparent black nail polish. 50 transparent black hex code. transparent black kurti. transparent black kurta. transparent black fade. transparent blackboard. facebook black transparent apk. tumblr transparent black and white quote. transparent black bomber jacket. transparent black walkthrough. transparent black widow. black transparent background free. transparent black vest. transparent black octagon. android semi transparent black color. transparent black explosion. 50 transparent black png. transparent black pants. transparent black display First Impressions and Evil Path Full Play-through: story is centered around a high school girl who is bullied by all her classmates and also has a bad home life. The game itself is very short (around 15-30 minutes of gameplay), with a typical RPG top-down play-style. You investigate areas in the game world, interact with NPCs, read dialogue, etc.The story is very dark, and without revealing spoilers, may lead you to take revenge upon your classmates. This is the route I found myself taking, as I like to speak with and inspect everything. A thorough kind of play-style will lead you to an unhappy ending.The biggest issue with this game is the translation. I could barely understand what characters were talking about. Translations are extremely loose, and often times do not mean what I assume was meant to be said. It was extremely distracting, and kind of ruined the experience for me. While I think the price is right at $0.84, I cannot recommend this solely on the translation issues. A story heavy RPG is dependent on the dialogue. If the player struggles to understand what is meant, then that is a serious problem.. good story about cyberbullyingwhat more can I say?edit :It's just touch me deep so much for some reason .... not gonna talk about that muchThe game design is good and the model is cute : Dand the story behind is well written , and so it attracted me to buy the DLC , which told about the back story or something like that , of the girl Alice(? , seem like it's related to "confess my love" hm?well just a great game to concludedLooking forward for ya next game :D. Yawn, not sure if it was worth the 64 cents I paid for it. Their first game Confess My Love, available for free, was simply way more interesting. I would have happily paid for that.. etc了、、、因为我实在是个懒人剧情还是很棒那解谜也。。。弄的我懒癌犯了Went to watch letsplays of this game after 2 endings,,,,because of my extremely lazy personalityThe story line is still amazingThe puzzles / puzzle solving... well they're cool enough to make me embrace my laziness10/10 好游戏 gg. Yawn, not sure if it was worth the 64 cents I paid for it. Their first game Confess My Love, available for free, was simply way more interesting. I would have happily paid for that.
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