Translucent UI
Now available on assetstore !!!
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Translucent UI is highly optimized solution for adding translucency to your UI images.
Very easy and quick to integrate. Just put one script to your main camera and one to your canves and you are set and ready to use.
Features :
* Blur behind UI elements.
* Blur whole background scene.
* Blur can be done with different kernal size.
* Blur can be done with user defined no. of iteration.
* Transparency of ui image can be changed.
* Greyscale value can be used to convert blurred background in black and white.
* Brightness can be adjusted accordingly.
* Highly optimized.
* Works with mobile devices but not very old devices since blurring the scene is not a light weight task.
* Easy and quick to integrate.
* Easy documentation.
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