Take a virtual guided meditation into the birth of the universe, controlling time and watching life form.
Fall into "trance-ndence" as a voice takes you from a single candle flame to an immersive, transcendent out of body experience. Witness the birth of the universe and control time! Uses a combination of focused breathing, binaural beat audio, and suggestive game elements to lift you out of your chair with Cardboard VR.
CREDITS: Project Lead: Paul Gasca - Lead Programmer: Alex McChesney - @mcchessers Lead Artist: Kyle Armstrong - Music Composer: Jacob Getz - @jacobmgetz 3D Modeler / Dialogue Writer: Stephanie Traska - Voice / Sound FX: Jeff McMillen - Candle Modeler: Mark Thompson - Additional Design: David French - Water FX: CJ Millican - Sun / Galaxies: Union Assets - Sun Particle FX: Mirza Beig - Shockwave Texture: Virginie Moerenhout - Splash Sound FX: General Series 6000 - Binaural Beats: Sacred Acoustics -
Stephanie Traska
3D Artist - Owner
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