Train Simulator: GEML BR Class 315 EMU Add-On Download For Pc [portable]
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About This ContentThe Class 315 fleet has spent 38 years working both the GEML, the Lea Valley Lines, and occasionally stretching further afield to the likes of Braintree – however their most notable work is the stopping ‘metro’ services between London and Shenfield, a distance of around 20 miles.It’s time for you to challenge those 20 miles, shuttling commuters from Essex in and out of East London (including the complex hub that is Stratford station!) for onward travel. Waggonz and Armstrong Powerhouse have done a wonderful job bringing this service into Train Simulator, and they’ve pulled out all the stops…New Feature – Guard OperationClass 315s were historically operated by a driver and guard, the latter of which would be in charge of all the door controls – this has been (optionally) replicated here, where upon stopping at a station you no longer need to press T to open the doors, the guard will do it for you.Driver Only OperationIn recent years the Class 315s have been subject to Driver Only Operation, which gives you full control of the doors’ opening and closing at every passenger stop.Wheelslip & Wheelslide ProtectionWhen there is poor adhesion, traction can often slip along the rails, the Class 315 automatically protects against this by regulating their power when slipping is detected, it is then best to find a balance between minimal slipping and maximum acceleration.CSR & GSM-RDepending on whether you’re driving a mostly original condition or a refurbished Class 315, you will be able to register with CSR or GSM-R as appropriate. This is a vital step to ensure communication between the driver and the signaller, for example you can use each system to bypass using Tab to pass a signal at danger.Destination DisplayIn the main pack, the older manual destination blind is featured, and can simply be scrolled through to find the right destination in the list. However, with the TfL Rail BR Class 315 EMU Livery (available separately), a dot matrix display replaces this, with each destination having its own code to key in for display.Cold StartWhen cold, the Class 315 has no brake pressure, tripped out batteries, open traction motor contacts and no saloon lighting – setting up from cold adds to the immersive nature of the 315, and, along with every other feature listed above, ensures the final PEP a firm place within the Pro Range!Included ScenariosThe GEML BR Class 315 EMU includes some classic scenarios for the Great Eastern Main Line London-Ipswich Route Add-On – be sure to give them a spin:[315] 2F03 08:00 Braintree - Witham/2F04 08:26 Witham – Braintree[315] 2W72 19:40 London Liverpool Street – Shenfield[315] 5Z11 10:01 Gidea Park CHS - London Liverpool StreetPlease Note: Great Eastern Main Line London-Ipswich Route Add-On is required, as a separate purchase, in order to play the scenarios featured in this add-on.More scenarios are available on the Steam Workshop online and in-game. Train Simulator’s Steam Workshop scenarios are free and easy to download, adding many more hours of exciting gameplay. With scenarios being added daily, why don’t you check it out now!Click here for Steam Workshop scenarios.Key FeaturesBR Class 315 EMU in Blue/White and White liveryTwo cab variants - ‘with CSR’ and ‘with GSM-R / destination computer’Detailed internal & external audioDriver Only/Guard OperationWheelslip Protection (WSP)Manual and electronic destination displaysGlobal System for Mobile Communication - Railway (GSM-R)Cab Secure Radio (CSR)Neutral section functionalityCold start optionOpening cab doorsQuick Drive Compatible Download size: 196.6 MB b4d347fde0 Title: Train Simulator: GEML BR Class 315 EMU Add-OnGenre: SimulationDeveloper:Armstrong PowerhousePublisher:Dovetail Games - TrainsFranchise:Train SimulatorRelease Date: 2 Aug, 2018 Train Simulator: GEML BR Class 315 EMU Add-On Download For Pc [portable] i feel that this scenario is not worth the money you dont even get any instructions on how to turn the master key off and then turn the master key on once you have swiched ends in the first scenario i certainly would not recommend this scenario its to short of a game to play hardly any passenger stops in all 3 scenarios