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About This ContentPicture the Electro-Motive “E-unit.” For an entire generation it was THE motive power for America’s passenger trains – and now the elegant E-unit waiting for you in Train Simulator in the form of the EMD E8 in two classic Amtrak liveries!When Amtrak was formed as the United States’ intercity passenger carrier in 1971, the company was faced with patching together a fleet of second-hand locomotives. Amtrak first turned to Electro-Motive’s E8 and its younger sister, the E9. Amtrak would operate nearly 200 E-units and the stylish EMD diesels became the workhorses of the early Amtrak era.The E8 was produced by EMD from 1949 to 1954, and nearly 500 were built. The E8 derived 2,250-horsepower from a pair of EMD 567-series V-12 power plants, rode on an A1A-A1A wheel arrangement, and could be geared to operate at up to 117 miles per hour. During Amtrak service, the E8s operated throughout the country, handling both long-distance trains as well as short-haul services. Amtrak operated its last E-units into the early 1980s.The Train Simulator Amtrak E8 is provided in cab and booster configurations and is available in Amtrak’s original red-nosed “Phase I” livery and stylish striped “Phase II” scheme. Single- and dual-headlight versions of the E8 are provided as are “as built” and rebuilt variations.And there’s even more! Accompanying the E8 is Amtrak passenger equipment ideal to re-create U. S. passenger trains of the 1970s and early 1980s. Included with the E8 are an Amtrak baggage car, 48-seat coach, dome-coach, 10-6 sleeper, and diner in Amtrak’s Phase I passenger car livery. The Amtrak E8 DLC features career scenarios on the Miami - West Palm Beach Route Add-On (route available separately) and even includes Train Simulator’s popular Seaboard Coast Line General Electric U36B and freight equipment to provide era-authentic freight traffic. Amtrak’s legendary Electro-Motive E8 is ready to highball in Train Simulator service! Included ScenariosThe Amtrak E8 comes with three brand new scenarios for the Miami - West Palm Beach Route Add-OnThe Days of Old: Part 1The Days of Old: Part 2Meteor ShowerPlease Note: Miami - West Palm Beach Route Add-On is required, as a separate purchase, in order to play the scenarios featured in this add-on.More scenarios are available on the Steam Workshop online and in-game. Train Simulator’s Steam Workshop scenarios are free and easy to download, adding many more hours of exciting gameplay. With scenarios being added daily, why don’t you check it out now!Click here for Steam Workshop scenarios.Key FeaturesAmtrak Electro-Motive E8 diesel in cab (“A”) and booster (“B”) versionsAmtrak Phase I and Phase II E8 liveriesSingle- and dual-headlight E8 versionsE8s in “as built” and rebuilt variantsAmtrak Phase I livery baggage car, 48-seat coach, 10-6 sleeper, dome-coach, and dinerSeaboard Coast Line GE U36B and SCL freight equipmentThree career scenarios for the Miami – West Palm Beach route Quick Drive compatibleDownload size: 189.9 MB b4d347fde0 Title: Train Simulator: Amtrak E8 Loco Add-OnGenre: SimulationDeveloper:Dovetail GamesPublisher:Dovetail Games - TrainsFranchise:Train SimulatorRelease Date: 22 Mar, 2018 Train Simulator: Amtrak E8 Loco Add-On Download No Survey train simulator amtrak e8 loco add-on Very Good but Part two Scenario does not give you enough time to finish to achieve the final destination on time! a run time issue from programming or development issue I'm sure an update would sort it out! I know this as I have completed them all already! I can understand why there is a 25% discount, probably this is the reason!. This is one piece of motive power that is so highly needed and finally it's here. I know you will hear a lot of moaning about the recycled sounds. But really people, you should be use to it with running T-S now. Besides with all the alternate sounds available, it is an easy fix to one's liking.One thing I would have liked to have seen was a "Patched" paint job from the true early days of Amtrak. A patched PC, SCL, BN unit thrown in to the bunch would have been great. It would have felt like it was 1971 all over again (for me at least).But I am sure there will be a slew of repainted for these units. Being that almost every road had these E units. That will bring a true windfall for a lot of the USA routes.Myself, I like these units alot. I am a person who loved running east coast fallen flag routes, these will come in quite handy, And they are a nicely made model for T-S. And with 25% off at the release of it on Steam, well worth it. A thumbs up on my end here. !. Other than reused sounds(which can be fixed) this is a great DLC. Locmotive is modelled nicely looks amazing! I have not had any issues with it.. Amtrak E8s were the backbone of their passenger service until the SDP40Fs showed up on the scene. This add-on (While having some flaws) is a decent pack nonetheless. The cars depect the accurate hand-me-down from other railroads like the Zephyr and the Silver Star consists painted in a beautiful Phase I. The locomotive is nicely detailed and the cab is good! Phase I and Phase II. The consists are accurate lengths. Yeah one of the downsides is the fact the sounds are recycled, but the 567 is fitting to the locomotive itself (while missing the dual prime movers) And the horn is typical of DoveTail products. That being said, I would recommend this to any Early Amtrak fan! 6.5/10. Despite what most people say, this is a decent addon. the textures are awsome on both locomotive and rolllingstock. my biggest complaint is that phase I is weathered and phase II is clean, would have like both to have a weatherd and clean skin for both, Also a Patched unit would have completed the pack. honestly an early amtrak pack with no patched units?. the sounds are recylced from the WP FP7 but it dose sound like their are two 657 engines (F7s had one 657, keep that in mind when you complain), in the cab it sounds like theirs a two real 567 engine behind you, out side... not so much. If you bye these addons alot you should know how to mod them and put the horn on you like. also sad theirs no obervation car or patched cars. the senarios arn't the most origanal but thats miami - west palm beach. The comunity can fill this void both scenario and paint wise. I enjoy these locomotives and I bet a mmarket place reskin will come soon.. This is a great Loco, I grew up on the east coast. The bloody noxe silver star brings me back to a by gone era of musle trains.. This train is super fun to drive and it makes me feel like i'm in the 1970's. what a cool locomotive, i notice this locomotive have 2 engines.. I retract my previous review stating that “this is essentially a recycled EMD F7 locomotive with an EMD E8 body and cab view.” Aside from the longer car body (the F7 is 50 feet, while the E8 is 70 feet long) there is a difference is power. The E8’s with an A-B-A or A-B-B power arrangement can do more than what F7’s do with A-B-B-A. The sounds are recycled, though. The heritage passenger cars in ‘phase I’ livery are new. The red lights for the last car glow a brilliant red color when turned on. In closing, the Amtrak EMD E8 trainset is fun and easy to drive. It makes for creative 1970's era scenarios on many routes. It also opens the door for other railroad’s repaints (can you hear me, Union Pacific?).. The EMD E8 exemplifies all that is wrong with DTS's north american products, from it's horrid sounds to it's braking issues. The E8 is exactly what we've come to expect from DTG, the sounds are identical to those of the Kuju F7s from years ago, the coaches are all reused, varying in origin from the Empire builder to the CZ. Rant over, pros and cons time.Pro's:Reskin potential. The E8 is likely to serve as an excellent basis for numerous reskins, from the Pennsy to the CB&Q.Cab textures. The cab textures are fairly good, with few issues, it also (fairly) closely matches what photographs I've seen of real E8 cabsPaintschemes. The quality of the locomotive paintschemes is nice, nuff said.Opening cab doors. That's nice I suppose, not that it effects the sounds or anythingConsSounds. Gee! what a surprise, reused sounds from kuju F-units really dont cut, who'da thunk.Physics. The brakes are of they're standard horrible quality, and to add insult to injury, the cab includes a nonfunctional brake mode selecter switch to taunt you. otherwise it seems fine, I honestly cant really tell.Coaches. The coaches are all reused, mostly from the California Zephyr addon, as well as a few from the Empire builder all those years ago, it certainly would have been nice to have all the coaches be of the same quality. also the only passenger view is from an ex-EB dome car... yippee.Wrapping it up. As is normal, us americans get to take it up the bum, while I dont regret the purchase, I do not recommend this addon to anyone other than dedicated masochists bent on suffering while green with envy for the brits and germans.P.S. sorry for the caustic attitude and poor grammer, finally getting a locomotive i've wanted for years only to (as expected) be let down tends to♥♥♥♥♥♥me off
Mikequan Kinchen