Train Controller Addon 2 - Gondola Wagon
Additional train wagons for Train Controller (Railroad System)
INCLUDES * 9 Ready to use train wagons prefabs for Train Controller (Railroad System)
* Gondola wagon model
* Gravel cargo model
* Rocks cargo model
* PBR Textures
WSM Game Studio
Indie Game Developer - Owner
WSM Game Studio
9 months ago
Indie Game Developer
Train Controller v3.2 released! v3.2 FEATURES * Easily create and edit railroads on the Unity Editor with the new Railroad Builder * Export the generated railroads to performance friendly railroad prefabs * Supports Train Station Stops and custom events * Supports Railroad Switching (turnouts) * Create custom railroad switches with the Railroad Turnout Creator * Connect wagons with only 1 click * Trains can now climb terrain elevations and make sharp curves * Trains can now move backwards NEW! * Railroad Builder new features (Follow Terrain, Flatten and Remove Curve) NEW! * Refined max speed control NEW! * Train speed monitor (kph/mph) Addons are also available: