Trading card game Innovetica
Updated 3 years ago
Available on
iOS; Android
Innovetica is the strategic trading card game developed in Switzerland and involves innovative and creative thinking. It can be played in real life with up to three friends or virtually via an app. The app is completely free, while the cards are given away free with a purchase from various partners.
In the app you gain new cards while playing. Using the QR code scanner you can also get new digital cards. QR codes are available on real booster packs, so called Flowpacks and in print media and on online blogs.
You can find the detailed rules of the game on and in the app.

Quick Facts

  • 80 cards, for example about CERN, Chienbäse und Swiss watches
  • Over 100 quiz questions about innovative topics
  • Over 38 innovations on playing cards
  • Over 20 pioneers documented

Technology used

  • Unity 3D
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema4d
  • Server: Java, Websockets, RabbitMQ, Redis
Matthias Sala
Studio Director, mixed-reality studio Gbanga - Executive
Andreas Halter
Game Manager - Producer
Benjamin Klingler
Developer - Programmer
Alexander Steinacher
Developer - Programmer
Yury Schicker
Art Director - Designer
Robbert van Rooden
Producer - Producer
Ramona Ent
Quality Manager - QA
Robin Bornschein
Chief Game Design Officer - Designer
Game Languages
English; German; French; Italian
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android