TPFramework Unity

Welcome community!

I wrote a small framework in C# and adapt it to Unity environment and most of all - it's open source! Hope you'll find something useful for your game or just something to learn at least :) If you see some bugs let me know in a issues section on GitHub. Remember you can freely contribute with me to improve this framework.
Enter THERE to see pure C# TPFramework on GitHub. Enter THERE to see Unity Adapter on GitHub.

What's included in framework:

  • TPAchievement - Create custom achievements
  • TPPersistence - Save and Load game in just few lines
  • TPCollections - Performant temporary (and not only) collections
  • TPExtensions - Library contains a lot common methods
  • TPObjectPool - Increase performance with object pooling
  • TPInventory - Implement an Inventory system in your game quickly
  • TPAttribute - Create character attributes and modify them freely
  • TPRandom - Probability, random functions
  • TPMath - Math library
  • TPSettings - Convenient library to create an options menu
  • TPTooltip - Implement in-game tooltips
  • TPEditor - Helpful library for extending editor
  • TPAudio - Manage your audio bundles easily
  • TPAnim - Animate whatever you want
  • TPFade - Fade between scenes
  • TPUI - Generic UI Layout and much more
  • UDictionary - Serialized and editable in inspector Dictionary
More information you will find in a repository on GitHub.
Tomasz Piowczyk
Student Game Developer - Programmer