Tower to Heaven
Published 6 months ago
In development
This is the final game programming project for CMSC425. This was meant to be a group project, but I want to see how far I can go if I work alone. Below is the results of 4 weeks of non stop working. There were alot of frustrating times while I was debugging, but seeing my efforst came to live was rewarding. All in all, I had tremendous fun while doing this project. It is not fully completed yet since I only have around 4 weeks to finish this. I plan to go back and work on this in the future. More details at
Tower in Heaven is a dungeon crawler type RPG. It follows the story of a young girl who woke up next to the entrance of an enormous tower, only to find out that she lost her memory. However, she did gain something. She gains the power of controlling light, making her able to use that power to create all sorts of objects, including weapons. The girl decides to climb the tower to see if she can gain her memories back. Follow her as she battles monsters, fight off bosses, and learn more about her power as she advances through the tower.
Jimmy Bai
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