Tower Offense - The Final Wave #ggj17
This is the result of our efforts at the Global Game Jam 2017. Our location was at the university in koblenz. The theme of the jam was "waves" and we tried to incorporate it in multiple ways. First of all, the procedural generated map we are using is made from perlin noise which is based on layering different wave functions. The second type of waves we use are radio waves. Every player starts off with a base that emits a radio signal and produces small robots. The robots try to find their way to the nearest target but you will loose control over them when they wander off too far from your signal. To reach the enemy base you have to build new radio towers. And to build radio towers you have to mine for ressources. To start gathering the ressources you have to switch your build plan from attack robots to harvesters. This makes you vulnerable but gives you the ability to build new towers - its a tradeoff between growth and security. Oh and if the enemy robots are in your signal range for too long, you take them over! The last surviving player wins! We did this whole project in Unity with a team of 5. Modelling was done in Blender. My part was the AI programming for the robot-agents. Its a purely self-made behaviour and not based on any libraries. The robots have obstacle avoidance, swarm behaviour (stay close, move together, dont run into each other) and dynamically choose targets. Also they try to stay in your signal range so they choose a path to the enemy that is close to the towers.
Sebastian Pohl