Tower of Guardian
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Tower of Guardian
This game is developed by Mostdeep Games, a small indie game studio based on Jakarta, Indonesia. An RPG 2D Platformer game taking a theme of bravery with a story of a girl who exploring a mysterious tower in searching her best friend.
Long time ago, there was a small kingdom called Aluria. Despite being a small isolated kingdom, it was prosperous. The kingdom is divided by three classes : Nobles, Sages, and the Peasants. The Sages held the important role of protecting the kingdom from calamity. However, there were rebels amongst them - The Forgotten Wizard. The conflict caused devastating damage to the kingdom.
Listz is on her quest finding her dear friend, Fran, who is caught between the conflict. Upon climbing to the top Tower of Darkness, she gradually discover more about the Fran and the truth behind the conflict.
  • Discover the truth by exploring the Tower of Darkness
  • Solve the Puzzle mechanism of the Magical Tower
  • Fight Enemies along your way with magic
these are visual novel Dialogue style for story telling in several Cutscenes and event

The goals in this game is to pass all obstacles, monsters and various challenges for each level.
these are for the magic cast preview in the game

The heir of a high sage and an aspiring magician. She's often serious but softens around Fran. The protagonist of this game whose goals of searching her dear friend Fran. She is a magician who came from the Light magician blood called "Arc".
Long missing before the plot, he is Liszt's childhood friend and a commoner raised as a royalty. He disappear after the Calamity in Aluria kingdom.

Flare Fairy
One of the guardian of elements, she controls the flame and burns any trespassers of the tower without mercy.
The Flare Fairy, also called as Miss Flare is the Fire Guardian and one of the 4 elemental guardians who guards the floor in Tower of Darkness. Currently possessed by the Power of Darkness, she may know about Fran's whereabouts.

A mischievous creature that roams the forest area of the tower, they are subservient to a dragon living in the darkness whom they call "mother".
Goblin resides in the forest inside the Tower of Darkness, living in fear of "The mysterious Dragon" which sometimes haunt their lives.
Other monsters

  • SAI
We use SAI to draw any characters, monsters, and objects in this game. It is also used to slice one by one to be animated later in Dragonbones.
  • Dragonbones
Our artist used Dragonbones software for character and object animations, include monsters
and the dragonbones export file combined with Unity Engine with some plugin called "Unity armature"
This component manage all the animations and state that have been created with dragonbones, and will be preview in Unity Scene
  • Level Design
We used storyboard concept to create level design for each floor, track any objects that active in the scene via the editor, and edit manually to import any objects into the game level.
  • Rain Effect Particle System
There are some rain effect in some game scene, with particle system combined with some plugin that we found in Unity Asset Store.
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