Tower Defense Starter Kit
Tower Defense Starter Kit asset is designed for create games in tower defense genre. Here you find all, what needed to create tower defense: building mode, towers components, enemies, spawn and waypoints system, basic game interface, advanced, but easy to customize enemies and towers settings.
  • Easy to start using without coding.
  • Easy to extend code and implement new things, if you need it.
  • Camera controller, which allows player to move camera over map.
  • Building mode, which allows to build towers, has a grid mode.
  • Units moving by waypoints, movement based on NavMesh.
  • Included UI contains building panel and help tooltip for towers icons, also some text info like money or enemies left.
  • UI: units have healthbars.
  • Parameters of game objects is easy to edit: most of data is separated from logics scripts.
  • Component style: all of code is splitted to small and understandable components, and you easily can add your own.
  • A lot of other things, which is so needed to create TD game.