Totem Topple
I was lead programmer on the game Totem Topple - A tower defence game in which you play as the tower! Build up your totem pole by adding different heads, wings and bird beaks and defend it from demon spirits. The work involved coding the core game mechanics, UI and controls for both the Wii U and PC versions. For the Wii U version, also implementing cooperative play mode, NEX Leaderboard, and integrating Miiverse functionality. As well, compiling and mastering the game, from Unity3d, to Nintendo specific formats as required by Nintendo Lotcheck certification procedures. This included handling regional differences between Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo of America, such as support for multiple languages. Plus implementing analytics engine as provided by GameAnalytics, as per Nintendo's particular rules. Using Nintendo's back-end systems to submit the game and ensure it passed certification. And formatting and submitting Nintendo eShop store assets for the game. Finally, modifying the game based on player and reviewer feedback and patching the game post-release, again using Nintendo's specific formats and procedures. Furthermore, adapting the game to use mouse and keyboard input and removing Nintendo/Wii U specific features for the PC version of the game. (Note: I did not to the art or music)
James Coote
Programmer - Programmer