Totem Hunter (Ready to Launch)
Special Introductory Discounted Price

Totem Hunter is a fun little addicting one tap game in which you need to break the totems from a stack of different totems. There are various cute little and different totems and you need to break them but also need to avoid some totems.

Totems with wings aren’t your friend, they need you not to be on their side or they’ll leave your head shut open. Breaking each totem will give you a point. Play with friends and share your score. Unlock google play achievements and stand high on leaderboard among your friends and other player from all across the globe.

We are providing complete source code with all arts and graphics used in the game.

Moreover all source vector AI files of all totems used in this game and Achievement source PSD Files are also available to purchase separately here so that if you want you can modify or tweak the original graphics as per your liking. Sounds are also provided and you can use them in your own game.

Google Play Leaderboards and achievements are used in this game. The game is also bundled with Ads from Admob Ad Network. Just place your Ads IDs and start earning from your very great Addicting Game of yours. Everything and code is in place, you just need to import the SDK and then you can get the Ads and Leaderboard.
The only thing that is watermarked is app Icon. Please refer to our totem graphics pack so that you can create your own app Icon for launching the game.
Android Demo
Curio Assets