Total War - Preview
Updated 8 months ago
Build and command an army on this turn-based strategy game. Total war is strongly inspired in the classic Intelligent Systems Game Boy title, Advanced Wars. You will create and manage unit groups composed of a single kind of unit. Groups will lose units when damaged in combat, this will make damaged groups deal less damage. This mechanic enhances the strategic component of the game, making any positioning mistakes quite costly.
Total war is still under development, there are some annoying bugs and the AI could be a little more Intelligent. However, the gameplay is promising. The UI is simple, you'll create and command your army without much trouble. That allows you to focus on more on the combat.
Size: 3.59 GB
Genre: Turn-based Strategy
Developed by: Zero Games Studios
Reviewed on PC.


"Donny is the new President of United States. His plan: steal the great wall of China to move it to the Mexican border.
Kon, supreme leader of North Korea will take the opportunity to tour the U.S.A. at the same time with all his troops. His discovery of the American donuts will shake everything up: he now wants to stay in the US and will use force if necessary!"
Total war has a simple, satirical story about current world leaders. The story mode is not available on this version, we'll have to wait for more.


Total War has a simple point-and-click gameplay. Different units will have different movement and attack range. A new feature of this game is the use of snipers. Working as cheap artillery units, sniper groups can attack others up to two spaces away. This makes strategic placement even more important.
There are three kinds of unit groups. Soldiers are cheap and can capture buildings, they are also weak and slow. Ground vehicles can move farther than soldiers and can take a lot of damage, but they depend on roads and can be very expensive. Flying units can ignore obstacles, but an anti-air will cut them like butter.
The most important thing to winning a match is capturing buildings. Residences will give you more cash to create troops, and the other will let you create different kinds of units. You also have a special power depending on the leader you chose, you need to wait a while to use, but they can turn around a difficult skirmish.


Total War uses low poly 3D graphics, the graphic style of the game is bright and polished. Scenarios are divided into hexagonal tiles, and the whole map changes depending on the weather. Winter, fog, and rain climates will affect the scenario's looks and the movement of troops.

Combat triggers animated scenes of the battle, each unit has its own attack animation. In my opinion, the "Dying" animations could go a little faster, there is an awkward pause between attack turns.
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