Total flight-FS
Updated 3 months ago
In development
Windows; Android
with the total flight, you will have fun while you feel the realistic physics !!!
Hello pilot, are you ready to feel the experience of flying on airplanes?

Total flight and a flight simulator with the goal of having fun while feeling the realistic flight physics ...

What else is there besides flying a plane and blah blah blah?

In every total flight, you can:
- Destroy whatever plane you want in "destruction mode"
-play a match online with your friends !!!
-complete Offline Missions
-complete training missions to learn how to fly airplanes
More possibilities can arrive in future updates

The game does not have that annoying business of "cooldown" (a way to make the player stop playing for a while)

I will try to bring news and more aircraft to the game as often as possible !!!
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Game Languages
English; Portuguese, Brazil
Supported Platforms
Windows; Android