Updated 10 months ago
Hello. I'm so glad to participate in this challenge. But sadly i started my project from 10. Dec.


This project is a 2D Topdown View Sandbox game. I introduce what did i use about Unity 2D, and what's difficult to me.


My assets isn't vertical mirror image. This problem is make me hard later.


I thought 'first make a algorhythm about basic 4 direction(NESW) so i used 4 lengths binary. And its working good.
I faced another problem. That's corner resources. All corner images are individuality and Non-vertical mirror. N direction has 2ⁿ cases.. 4 direction has 16, and 8 direction 256 cases. If i use mirror image i can just rotate images. But it can't. So i give up this problem cause i didn't have enough time.

Rule Tiles

I should find another way. i googled and i found 'Rule Tiles' from Unity 2D Technology github. (

This is amazing tool. You can add tile and control easily. But i still have problem about so many cases resource. so I just use something trick and it's working perfectly now.

Change Structure

I divide 2 tilemaps. One is ColliderGround(Tilemap Collider) and the other one is Ground(Trigger TIlemap Collider). Cause i want to access ground tile using raycast. But Rule tiles always working only same tilemap so i merge Ground and ColliderGround tilemap. I should synchronization another trick tilemap. Cause merge tilemap has Tilemap Collider Component but None collider tile didn't have any collider.
Why did you make trick ground?
Cause i want to control ground tile using this tilemap. and i can changed tile using another tilemap.


This is my second unity challenge. I didn't have time in this challenge. But it's so fun and i want to participate again. :)


if someone have any question to me send mail ''
Youngmin Song
7 months ago
Hi, I am very interested in this project. Can you share the source code? Thank you@Youngmin Song