Too Many Bears
Updated 3 years ago
Windows; Unity Web Player
A Game for Ludum Dare 40
What do you do when a dimensional rift opens up bringing both hyper-intelligent mech piloting cats and explosive bears into your city? Use the bears to defeat your feline foes! Be careful though, as it easy to be overwhelmed by your constantly growing battery of bears.
Upgrades can make your bears more powerful, however they also increase your bear attractiveness and thus cause them to accumulate faster and faster, so you gotta keep up the pace and not let yourself end up with Too Many Bears!
My first ever game jam entry, this was made in three days for Ludum Dare 40. The game placed 45th overall with a fantastic 16th in graphics for the "Jam" category of entries!
With such positive feedback I'll be putting together a more detailed "making of" article in the near future. This will cover how I spent my time, pitfalls I ran into, and post-mortem thoughts on the project, as well as my WIP 2D plugin, how it works, and the issues I encountered with it.
Play / Download Web GL and Windows builds via Windows build mirror via github
Rajin Shankar
Game Developer - Student
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Windows; Unity Web Player