TONBO-X: The Escape of the Dragonfly
Updated a year ago
In development
Android; Windows; iOS
Tonbo-X is a fast-paced endless runner that is currently under development, which will make its way on mobiles & VR .
The project started when I bought a complete game pack in the Unity Shop. It was an endless sci-fi runner called X-Racer and was released by various users around the world without changing just a thing in the game. xD Take a look at the store. It's just oblique. xD
I thought this game package, which by the way brings some great quality for this price, would be the basic structure for a cinematic epic sci-fi endless runner that is made according to my imagination. *DooOOOnnnggg*
Status: The design study in this screens are actual shots from the viewport. The code will be on some parts adjusted, on some part reconstructed and enhanced with new features for a more immersive feeling.
Characteristics of the game will be:
> A special cinematic dynamic camera system, that will bring up new heights to the genre. > Various zones in different colors and difficulty > Epic music by APEX & Steve Roach
So much for now....
Patrick Prosic
2D/3D Generalist, Game Designer - Executive
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Android; Windows; iOS