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2D Puzzle solving, RPG isometric style game.


Hi, my name is Tom and I am the sole developer of this project for the Unity 2D Challenge. Many thanks to Unity's new 2D tools for making this possible. And thank you for your time, please comment :)

Development using Unity 2D tools:


Is used throughout the whole project to follow the player, provide look ahead, distance, dead + soft zones etc. Also will be used to provide cut-scenes. Just simply drag and drop your Player into the Follow slot, set a few settings below in the Body section and watch as the rest of the magic is done for you.

Sprite Shape:

In order to build some of the more complex sprites, I used the new shaping tool to bend and size the images to my desire and form the reactor puzzle pieces below in minutes. It would have taken me hours to do in the past without the sprite shape tool. Again as with Unity's ease of use, just create a new sprite shape profile, drag + drop the sprite into the SpriteShape slot. Play with some settings and you are done, as demonstrated in the video below.

Pixel Perfect :

To keep images crisp, in different resolutions and stable in motion. Import pixel perfect, set the Assets Pixels Per Unit, in my case to 40 and let it handle things from there, as you can see the difference in the images below.

Overview Video:

Assets made by me :

(Overview video or videos in Story section illustrate how they work)


Exploring the lands and seeking adventure, you find yourself traveling to and from farming communities whose equipment and machines have mysteriously stopped working. The villagers inform you that nearby there are libraries which hold the secrets of how the machines work. However they are located inside dungeons and protected by things they do not dare to disturb. Needing to harvest their crops, the inhabitants enlist your help. You explore the dungeons in order to reach the libraries within them, to gain the knowledge of restarting the machines and reactors which power the lands above ground. And so your quest begins....

Dungeons (Level 1)

In order to proceed to the next area, you will have to defeat things and/or solve puzzles along the way.


  • Add dungeon levels 2-5 (Rooms 21-175)
  • Add AI (enemies)
  • Add dark atmosphere to dungeons (currently disabled for demo)
  • Complete UI and farmlands
  • Add magic spells


  • Unity asset store for the player, chains and effects.
  • The wonderful isometric tiles are from Kenney (
  • Models such as cannons, statues are from
  • All others are made by me using Blender, Maya and Photoshop.
Tom Oconnor
- Programmer
Tom Oconnor
2 years ago
Chuck Chuckersongreat look and good usage of the spriteshape tool
Thank you, glad you like it.
Chuck Chuckerson
2 years ago
great look and good usage of the spriteshape tool