It's an android VR cardboard game, That I made with two of my friends in global game jam 2017 in Egypt. Tomb Bat is a VR Android Cardboard Game, about an Archaeologist who discovered an ancient pharaoh tomb , so he uses a bat which he can control by a chip in his brain and control it by his VR head mount to see through the Tomb ,flying through an endless ,very dark Tomb seeking the treasure, the bat uses his ultrasonic waves to know where the obstacles are and avoid them, when the wave hits the obstacle the wave hits the bat back and a 3D sound play indicating where the Next obstacle will be !, The game uses atmospheric 3D sounds to make the player aware of the next obstacle position and try to avoid them. Get ready for a great exciting and adrenaline rush experience that will test all of your senses to the limit through an epic ancient tomb full of traps and dangers ! . GGJ link :
Yasser Reda
Game Developer - Programmer