Yggdrasill Hidden Knowledge
Updated 4 months ago
Yggdrasill Hidden Knowledge
Please keep a look out for our project as me and my friend Jacob will be creating and unbelievable environment for the "Inside the vault challenge.
Description: This Vault holds knowledge, power, treasure, and the minds of the fallen. What you seek will lead to a light that shines life in to those who are dead.

For this project I will be in charge of modeling the assets and building the Level in Unity. Jacob will be in charge of texturing and building materials for assets. We want to stick to the style of Yggdrasil as much as possible, so we will be working with a lot of organic and hard surface assets. All assets will be modular. We will update as much as we can and hope that we get a lot of feedback. Stay tuned for more awesome content.
Update Final:

Update 3: Were still modeling and texturing our assets, Making sure your getting the best quality. Here is just sneak peak of some assets that are textured. we will have an update of the level here soon.

Update 2: Unity Level Test 03/15/19
This is just a test of the level in unity. We have a long way to go and more assets to create. Not to mention the main room will have an extensive of amount detail. We care about quality, but performance and optimization is number 1 in level design.

Update 1: Maya and UV Tests
Next Update will be Unity in game shots
More details coming soon
More Ccntent coming soon
In the mean time please check out our websites on Artstation, to get an idea of what we can do
Level Designer/Environment Artist - Designer