TinyLocalization 2. Just localization. So easy. So comfortable.
TinyLocalization 2 is the easiest multi-type localization tool for Unity. Just add new languages, select object you want localize, add Localize component and enter key name and translations. You can localize string, AudioClip, Sprite (more types are coming).

Key Features

  • Easy, flat and intuitive Unity-like UI.
  • Live editing keys.
  • Zero code required.
  • Multi-type support (string, Sprite, AudioClip, and more cumming).
  • TextMesh Pro support.
  • String Parameters for text replacement. Live. In Play mode.
  • Easy to custom code.
  • Documented and clean code core.
  • Json export/import.
  • QuickConnect keys feature.
  • Many real-use examples.
  • Clean Documentation.
  • And more


  • Tags and categories to sort keys.
  • Sorting by name, creating date and more.
  • Bigger external text editor window to edit long translations.
  • Import/Export manager to fully control on export and import your keys.
  • All types support.
  • "Support" translations (additional translation like: positions, font, sizes for every "Localize" component).

Please leave here your comments, ideas and wishes. I want to improve TinyLocalization with your help and bring asset that all of game creators will like!
Vladyslav Androshchuk
Programmer and Educator from Kiev - Programmer
Piper Cowley
4 months ago
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