Tiny Tussle
A mobile fast-paced arena party game. Battle your friends online, on the go. Its gerbils versus hamsters. The game that will make you hate your friends. The overall story premise of the game is that two teams/factions are fighting for the conquest of the tournament, at which the game itself is based. The Hamsters (Themed towards Allies, with greens and blues), and the Gerbils (Themed with Axis, using greys and blacks). Players are thrown into an ESPN Panel styled menu, where they will choose their faction to compete with, and which game to play. In the game players pilot a hamster or gerbil ball, in a third person driving game. Based on the game mode players are either alone or on teams. The game takes place in one of three different arenas where players will battle it out to win the different game modes making use of a number of different power ups collected throughout the game. All of the game modes are based on short term games to make use of the drop in and drop out style of mobile games. The game calls upon elements similar to the Mario kart battle game modes and twisted metal franchise. Pulling from Speed Racer, and Invader Zim, we plan to combine the Seriousness and Craziness of the two, into a game about Hamsters who compete against Gerbils for a golden Carrot, determining who is the cutest, which of course is best decided by speed, agility and endurance of the participants.
Alex Bedard-Reid
Unity Developer - Programmer