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About This GameTiny Knight is a single-player adventure platformer set in a fantastical worldOur little hero lives in a peaceful village which comes under attack on a fateful night. After seeing your village destroyed, you set out on an adventure to stop the mysterious attacker from wreaking havoc upon the rest of the province. You must travel through dense forests, navigate caverns and dungeons and cross snowy peaks. However, this will prove most difficult, as the mysterious attacker is not the only danger you will encounter on your journey.Includes 16 hand crafted maps Beautifully detailed environments High quality musical scores Hardcore play mode Multiple enemies to fight b4d347fde0 Title: Tiny KnightGenre: Adventure, Casual, IndieDeveloper:ConvexPublisher:ConvexRelease Date: 17 Mar, 2016 Tiny Knight Download] [cheat] A fun little "puzzle" platformer. Be warned, some of the puzzles are just praying to RNJesus and then the "jump puzzles" are sheer dumb luck in some places as no shadows and even the slightest mistouch and you slide off to your doom. Also, there is a level where you have to jump across moving platforms to an archer. He can shoot you as you are landing and have it slide you off the platform thus taking 2 out of your 3 hearts in damage (there is fall damage if high enough). If you don't mind restarting levels because of varying bugs occassionally screwing things up and can see past those then you can enjoy this game. Graphics are ok, music is nice, and the whole mario kill effect can be fun as well as the enemies friendly fire.Update: devs quickly fixed the big issue that I marked as a no so it's now a yes.. Brings back fond memories of playing Zelda for Nintendo, fun little game.Paid 9.99 for it and then come back online 2-3 hrs later and it's 20% off, f*cking Steam!7/10. So relaxing, so polished. This totally help relieve that ulcer Hyper Light Drifter was surely giving me.. If you care about your eye health avoid at all costs. During the whole 12th level game keeps flashing the loading sign. Hurts the eyes and gives a headache. Below is a link from Twistor's game guide. You can watch Twister's video from 18 months ago to see what I am talking about: all other levels also have minor glitches.. I love this game! Some of the art is what you may expect -- you will encounter skeletons and dungeons. The animations are smooth, the game is balanced, and especially so if you choose the Hardcore mode - if you want a challenge, then I suggest you go Hardcore mode.The challenge is what I'd say is just right -- it won't pain you for hours like Dark Souls does, but it isn't a walk in the park either. You regularly encounter new enemies you need to learn how to counter, and the boss fights are engaging and challenging.The learning curve is great. You're given the bare minimums to start with, and at no point in the game do you feel pressured to memorize certain mechanics. It all comes streamlined and smoothly.The only real quirk I have with this game was at one point the camera clipped into the terrain -- but just once.If you like challenging slashing games, you're gonna like this game.
Mike Willingham