Timeless Sanctuary
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Thanks for watching my "Timeless Sanctuary"project page. I'm a freelance VFX Artist/Indie game developer living in Japan.


Story concept and Screenshots

In far future, a humanoid robot's spaceship has crash-landed on the unknown planet. the robot met with shiny bird and an ancient civilization's warp gate that opens into a timeless sanctuary that has 4 seasons in 1 place. is it a real place? or is it a phantom? or is it shiny bird's spiritual guidance about ancient civilization?
By the way, in some of Japanese ancient history story, the bird represent as soul, spiritual. So Timeless Sanctuary is story about futuristic humanoid robot met with ancient spiritual soul and receive the guidance.

Production Process

0. Research and Brainstorming

At the time I decided to participate, many participants were making the neon street like Tokyo. So I'd like to make something different. I've decided to make combination of the artificial neon lights and the lights of the nature wildlife such as Sun shaft, Moon lights, Bio-luminescence...etc.
Main reference images are below video.
Also as a Japanese artist, I was interested in making landscapes like Japan for a long time. With this, I decided to get inspiration from Japanese famous landscapes, shrines and temples.

1.Concept design

First, I made a concept art. when I made this concept images, I haven't came up with the story of this project yet.
Then, I came up with an idea that treating the Torii gate as the warp gate and the future humanoid robot clash-landed on the future earth, then time travel ancient Japanese garden with mysterious bird. I've started to drawing simple storyboards and blueprint of the Japanese garden.

2.Building the environment.

First I added the Adam Goodrich's Gaia / GeNa / CTS. As you've already know I'm a VFX Artist, So It's my fisrt time terrain making but It was very fun because of these Adam Goodrich's assets. It's very easy to use and integrated.
Then I added the BONECRACKER GAMES Realistic Hovercraft Controller.
Then I started to sculpting the terrain with Unity's terrain brush.
Then I stared to place SpeedTree®, rocks and some architecture models.
  • SpeedTree® that I used are below.
  • Cherry Tree Package
  • Bamboo Package
  • Japanese Maple Package
  • Alaska Cedar Package
  • the rocks I used are MANUFACTURA K4 Rock and Boulders 2
  • the shrine model I used are below. Especially, the fall season's shrine model was remixed assets prefab parts of below links..
  • the Japanese Style Bridge and Torii : BL3D Japanese Architecture
  • the shrine base design and Pillar : CRASHKIT Japanese Temple Complex
  • the shrine's roof : GABRIELMGUIMARAES Japanese Village Kit , Modular Japanese House
Finally the shrine became like below image.
It's based on the Kyoto Fushimi-Inari Shrine's GEHAIDEN. (You can see images like below when you google the "伏見稲荷 外拝殿" ). Also I referenced some similar looks architecture such as MIHO-Shrine, Ryuten .
Also, the all ancient architecture's glass shader are Amplify Creations Amplify Shader Editor 's Sample. It's called the ObjectNormalRefaction. I customized it. settings are below.
Why glass? because it's new world, I'd like to see and use something new material for the Torii gate. So I didn't use the red color and wood materials in this project. And this projects main actors are nature beauty, So I'd like to reduce the presence of artificial building as much as possible by using this glass but continuous Torii on the end chapter of video(the below image scene). I used it to emphasize the mysterious light from the moonlight and the torii. And I used it to direct the last excitement.

Also, I added the HENDRIK HAUPT's Enviro (the sky and weather) and DOGMATIC AQUAS(the ocean). They are easy to integrate with the Adam Goodrich's Gaia and CTS.
Then I added the waterfall by using the NATUREMANUFACTURE R.A.M.
As you see in the video, also I added the many Torii gates inspired by Fushimi-Inari Syrine and Motonosumi-Inari Syrine.
Motonosumi-Inari(元乃隅稲成神社) is near the ocean like below images. It's on Yamaguchi prefecture.
Finally, I added the bird 3d mesh by JUNNICHI SUKO 7種の鳥’s Swan. Originally, it was eagle 3D mesh like below images but I changed it as Swan. Because I've heard that Swan closely related to founding history of the Fushimi-Inari shrine. (It's too long story to share it here, please google about 秦伊侶具(hatano irogu), if you can read Japanese.)
The bird's Particle effects are KRIPTO289 Mesh Effects 's Effect1 and Effect5 presets. (I combined and tweaked).
The crash-landed ship model is PALADIN DOG PRODUCTIONS Crash-landed ship. The smoke particle is Unity Standard assets smoke. (I tweaked little.)
The warp effect made with remixing below asset's textures. (I animated these by shuriken and animation. Then I trigger these in the Timeline.
  1. the lensflare and inner glow: KENNETH "ARCHANOR" FOLDAL MOE Sci-Fi Arsenal 's "lensflare.png" and "trail_scifi_blue.png".
  2. the ripple : Enviro's "RainRippleTex.png" and I made a normal map within Unity from it.
  3. the flake : AmplifyShaderEditor's FlakeNormal.png

3.Timeline, Cinemachine, Post-Processing Stack ver2 Editing

It's my first time to use the Timeline and the Cinemachine, So I've Started to learn basic usage of these by making very simple camera moving sequences like below.
Finally, Timeline was like below image. the Group track's toggling feature was helpful to see the clips I'd like to focus.
So, I'd like to Share some TIPS about these.

3-1.Timeline TIPS

  1. I recorded the hovercrafts animation by using the GameObjectRecorder.
  2. Keijiro Takahashi's AudioPreviewTrack is very usefull and it's time saver.
  3. If you use Gaia and Enviro, Adam Goodrich's WORLD MANAGER API is easy to animate weather and CTS setting.

3-2.Cinemachine TIPS

  1. This Unity's offical Cinemachine tutorial video series are good to understanding basic usage.
  2. Some shots I tried to use the Group Composer to focus average point of the humanoid robot and the bird. it's useful.
  3. Some shots I used the handheld noise feature. it's easy to use but looks natural.

3-3.Post Processing Stack Ver2 TIPS

1.First I applied global setting like this. very neutral color grading. then I added aditional volumes on each virtual cameras via extension if needed.

2. I used the Post Processing Volumes, It was easy to set up. (but for some reason I didn't use all of these.)
3.Then I added each season's setting via Cinemachine's extension. and Transition these on the timeline.

Custom Assets

As you can see in the video, I made some simple glowing particles such as cherry blossom petals, firefly.

Assets Store Listing


  1. the Music : John Leonard French Ultimate Game Music Collection (Title & Trailer Music)
  2. Solemn Trailer (cinematic)
  3. Phoenix Rising (cinematic)

3D models

  1. the crash-landed ship : PALADIN DOG PRODUCTIONS Crash-landed ship
  2. the Humanoid robot : BONECRACKER GAMES Realistic Hovercraft Controller
  3. the bird : JUNNICHI SUKO 7種の鳥 (Swan)
  4. bird's Particle effects :  KRIPTO289 Mesh Effects 's Effect1 and Effect5 presets. (I combined and tweaked)


  1. the terrain : Adam Goodrich Gaia / GeNa / CTS
  2. the ocean : DOGMATIC AQUAS
  3. the sky and Weather(Sun, Moon, Snow) : HENDRIK HAUPT Enviro
  4. the rocks : MANUFACTURA K4 Rock and Boulders 2
  5. the Trees : SpeedTree®
  6. Cherry Tree Package
  7. Bamboo Package
  8. Japanese Maple Package
  9. Alaska Cedar Package


  1. the all ancient architecture's glass shader : Amplify Creations Amplify Shader Editor
  2. the Japanese Style Bridge and Torii : BL3D Japanese Architecture
  3. the Summer Scene's Waterfall : NATUREMANUFACTURE R.A.M
  4. the Fall Scene's Archtecture : Mixed and Custom these assets
  5. Base design and Pillar : CRASHKIT Japanese Temple Complex
  6. Roof : GABRIELMGUIMARAES Japanese Village Kit , Modular Japanese House


  1. Warp gate's effects
  2. the lensflare and inner glow: KENNETH "ARCHANOR" FOLDAL MOE Sci-Fi Arsenal 's "lensflare.png" and "trail_scifi_blue.png".
  3. the ripple : Enviro's "RainRippleTex.png" and I made a normal map within Unity from it.
  4. the flake : AmplifyShaderEditor's FlakeNormal.png

Unity Tools

Unity 2017.2.0f3 (Plus)
Post Processing Stack v2 (2.0.0-Beta)
Cinemachine (Asset Store)
Standard Assets (Asset Store)
Recorder (Asset Store) ... I tried to record constant framelate 4K video via the Recoder, However unfortunately it clashed. (So I used GeForce Experiences Video Capture.)

Real-time VFX Artist | Indie App Developer - Artist
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Real-time VFX Artist | Indie App Developer - Artist
Blair RenaudBeautiful style. I hate to say it, but the guy on the hoverbike actually takes away from it.
@Blair Renaud Thanks for your comment. :D You're completely right. I'll be more careful.
Blair Renaud
a year ago
CEO/ Director - Designer
Beautiful style. I hate to say it, but the guy on the hoverbike actually takes away from it.