Time Ninja Sakura Crack English
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About This GameIn the marvelous Japanese garden, blooming cherry blossom - the Empress was walking. Evil and treacherous ninjas kidnapped her and hid in a red pagoda. It is time for you, you must save the Empress. Go through all the floors of the pagoda and free the empress.Colorful hand-drawn game-runner, with musical motifs of Japan. You must run through all the floors of the pagoda and do not fall into the trap. The higher you rise, the harder it becomes to play, the various enemies and traps will not let you relax. At the end of the game you will find the main villain - the dragon.Collected crystals at the level you can spend on the outfit of the hero. b4d347fde0 Title: Time Ninja SakuraGenre: Action, Casual, IndieRelease Date: 31 Aug, 2017 Time Ninja Sakura Crack English time ninja sakura. time ninja sakura steam pretty good game. Boring & headache inducing pain mobile game ported to steam. Glad I only got it for 10 cents, but it still wasn't worth buying.... pretty good game. Not only a bad port but a bad game in general, wouldn't even want it if it was free, clunky movement heavily based on RNG to complete levels, I've had countless moments in this game where it's impossible to pass because of the random enemy spawns and hazards completely filling a line across the screen. The only reason I got it on sale was because I wanted the achievements and even now it's really tedious just to complete the game.. Pretty awful mobile port (asset flip?) with bad controls, no sort of instructions and it's just not fun.The only reason I have it is because I got a money off voucher for completing a trading card badge.>Music isn't too bad thoughDO NOT BUY