Time Dilation in Holodance
Imagine you could control time with your hands in a rhythm game. Well, now you can!
This was inspired by someone on Reddit who asked for "some kind of Superhot/Sairento style rhythm game" a little less than two weeks ago. I hadn't played Superhot VR before but know they had this "your movement controls time" thing - in an FPS. Obviously, in a rhythm game, this is quite a different kind of mechanic.
The way this works in Holodance: We've been tracking the movement speed of your controllers all along - something we already use for adding a bonus based on how strongly you punch the orbs. For this new Time Dilation mechanic, we combined this with another feature we already had: Bullet Time in Psychedelic Mode where time slows down for when you catch combo multiplier or long combo orbs. Technically, this is obviously simply messing with Time.timeScale and AudioSource.pitch.
When you groove naturally with the music while catching orbs, time passes normally - but when you slow down, time slows down and the pitch of the song also goes down. If you hold your hands still, time almost completely stops.
It also works the other way: When you wildly swing your arms, it's like fast-forward.
This mechanic works especially with with our laserblades because while we do track rotational velocity as well, it does not influence time - so you can do some really tricky advanced moves while playing with rhythm and time.
Jashan Chittesh
Founder, Developer - Owner