Tiles project
UPDATED: All asset packs have been accepted on the asset store and are up for sale! I made a unique demo for each of these packs. Wooden Textures demo contains a very basic Ship model that has rigged with the new cloth system. Stone features a sewer environment with SFX and reverb setup, and hanging lights that have been joint rigged for swinging. There is more, but those are my favorite hidden features so far! The link has been added in the store links section of the showcase. I have always had this thing, where i only like to use as little of other peoples work I can to get something done. There are many exceptions to this especially when it comes to discovering ones limitations(i.e i am no blender artist... I know this). One day however i found myself scouring through substances, and i decided that i would like to create my own texture sets from the town and landscape around me. I had a camera, lots of free time, and a rainy town in British Columbia to work with. I walked around with my camera all over town, the locals were concerned to see a grown man taking closeups of dirt. Kids were asking lots of questions from atop their parents shoulders, and dogs would bark as I attempted to capture the pattern on their owners fence. I have now moved twice since these photos, done many more walks through different landscapes and towns, and learned a tonne on my way to here. I feel healthier then before and something to offer everyone else from this experience. I am currently battling to get my texture packs of these photos up on the asset store. I have managed to figure out a system that allows me to edit and export photos quicker, which has made this possible. So far i have 6 packs pending. For now, 5 of them are packaged by material (Metals, Concrete, Stone, Wood, Bark), The other was designed for a whole terrain environment with a few alternatives. (Has Sands, Moss, GroudPlants, Grass, etc.) Each pack has nothing but 2048x2048 photos, even the bark pack. Each Base Color map has (Specular, Metallic, Roughness, Normal, Height, AO, and Emission) Varients. This first line of packs is from my original shooting location mentioned in the story above. If i see any success with getting these on the market at all, then i will do the rest of my library (100 - 200 more to process.) These packs will be updated based off material category as i work through said library. The Publishing process is going slowly, but i figure i could give a preview here while i wait and get some feedback. Above is a majority of the screenshots taken the first round of material creation, i have yet to take more since ive edited the demo scenes.T hose will come soon.
Wesley Godbout
IVSMultimedia - Owner