Tic Tac Toe Mystery
Killing the boredom is now in your finger tips. Come out of the cross and Noughts and get ready to Play the classic Tic tac Toe in a mysterious environment. This game will sure thrill you with its visual style, sound and what more, challenge your intelligence at the same time. Game Modes You can play the game against the specially designed AI (single Player) or against your friend / valentine (two players). Gem Selection The game allows you to select your favourite stone to play the game. You have four different option to choose from. Player Names The game by default assigns you one of the mysterious alias name to play the game. You may also choose to play the game with your name. Game Play You dont' need to beat the beast or run in temples. Just sit and play the game. With its unique style, the game promises to entertain enthral and kill your boredom. This game provides pudding to your brain and is a monster time killer. please visit us FaceBook Twitter Android Stores Thanks for downloading this game. Your comments and suggestions will be of great help please do contribute with comments and ratings. This game is the first game of our series of games "Classic games with a twist". Please Like the above pages for the updates.
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Himanshu mishra
6 months ago
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