Thunderbolt - Collision of times
Published 7 months ago
Available on
Vertical scrolling schmup for Windows, Android and Web
A 5 level vertically scrolling 2D shoot-'em-up in the spirit of Raiden, 1942 and various other arcade shooters.
Features upgradable weapons, 5 end level bosses, 3 mid level bosses and 3 difficulty levels.
I originally created this when I was developing Basic4GL, to help shake out the limitations of the language, but also to see what it took to push a game through to completion. It doesn't have the polish of a professional indie studio, but I'm quite happy with how the game-play came out.
I later ported it to mobile - again partly to flesh out Basic4GL - and it makes a fun little Android game imo.
You can play it free in browser from the page.
Tom Mulgrew
Software developer - Programmer