Thud Media - Boj Smoothies (iOS)
Winner in three categories at the BAFTA Cymru Games and Interactive Awards 2016 * Artistic Achievement * Game Play Design * Sound & Music ***

Boj-a-blender! For tasty treats, nothing beats... Boj Smoothies!

Boj loves to drink yummity-scrummity smoothies, so he's got Boj-ing and built the ultimate Boj-a-blender to make some for all his thirsty buddies! They've all come to Mrs Woof's diner to ask for their favourites and with your help Boj will whizz-squish together every order.

A colourful, fun and educational game where little ones can learn the names of the different ingredients, follow patterns, identify colours, improve their memory and reactions. And they'll receive new content and rewards as they play the game, which features voices from the cast of the TV series in addition to lots of sound and music.

In addition to the main game there are 3 mini games on offer, dishing up loads more Bojey-yum yum fun:

- Boj Says - Boj asks you to carefully listen to him and identify certain ingredients, it might be their type, colour, or pattern.
- Twitchlet Frenzy - The Twitchlets are hungry! Feed as many as you can (with what they want!) before the timer runs out.
- Mega Smoothie - Adding more and more ingredients into the blender as your buddies order the biggest smoothie ever!

Game Features:

- Four different game modes
- Customise your smoothie maker with unlocked parts
- Bold and colourful design
- Unique animation and sound effects
- Lots of pay-offs and rewards for your actions
- Ad free, child friendly and no extra charges
- Officially endorsed Boj app

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Russ Morris
Games and interactive developer - Programmer