Through Oneself
A lone woman finds herself stuck in-between two dimensions, and only you can help! Guide this person to salvation using environmental cues and your own smarts. Through Oneself is a unique puzzle-platformer created for Ludum Dare 35 within 72-hours by one person, where your character itself reveals a new hidden world. Use the visual cues in both the real and hidden to navigate through this treacherous world! Note: a 3-button mouse (mouses with scroll wheels) vastly improves the game, but is not necessary to play. Confused? Here's a big hint! Your character can only interact with what's visible inside of her silhouette. So use that scroll wheel to zoom in and take a closer look at what the invisible world looks like! Playable here: Source code here:
Playable here: Source code here:

Omiya Games
Taro Omiya
Experimental Game Developer - Programmer