This is my first project tackling Unity for Film and an ode to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller.' Unfortunately...for obvious copyright reasons...I couldn't upload the song with the video....sorry! Just play the song in your head I guess 😂...
Anyways, I used Unity for cinematography, lighting, level design and prototyping (Unity's 'Ethan' model); primarily Adobe Mixamo for rigging and animating/mocaps; and Enlight Videoleap for post-processing (or at least what I thought was considered "post-processing"). Speaking of lighting: there is quite a bit of lighting here even for a relatively simple set, having used point lighting, area lights, emissions, reflection probes, light probes and progressive light mapping to render as photorealistic a light setup as possible. My light setup is based on a walkthrough from a 2017 Unite Austin Unity for Film walkthrough. I did absolutely remove the reflection from the ground, which could take away from the photorealism for some people. But I found it reflecting too much white light; I wanted to create a dark and creepy Halloween-ish environment combined with an 80s 'Blade Runner' vibe.
The animation is a bit choppy in a couple of places and for some reason the fog freezes when I play the animation in Unity's Timeline. I also wanted to incorporate volumetric lighting but was overwhelmed by the third-party options. But, at the time it was my plan to tackle these issues in my next project anyways.
Syed Nasir
Unity Developer - Student